A collection of remixes produced by Desert Dwellers over the past few years. This is a teaser file for an album that will be released on Black Swan Sounds in October 2013:

1) Tarun - Water (Desert Dwellers Remix)
2) EarthRise SoundSystem - Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix)
3) Kalya Scintilla - Break Belief (Desert Dwellers Remix)
4) Variant Field - Fields of Variance (Desert Dwellers Remix)
5) Girish - Saraswati (Desert Dwellers Remix)
6) Kaya Project - Ghasi Ram Blues (Desert Dwellers Remix)
7) Adham Shaikh - Desert Dub (Desert Dwellers Remix)
8) Deva Premal - Jai Radha Madhav (Desert Dwellers Remix)
9) Gurunam Singh - Dukh Par Har (Desert Dwellers Dub Remix)
10) Luna Ray - Ganesha (Desert Dwellers Remix)
11) Deya Dova - Twinkle (Desert Dwellers Outback Remix)
12) Jai Uttal - Shri Krishna Govinda (Desert Dwellers Remix)
13) Laya Project - Sunset in Akkarai (Desert Dwellers Spacious Remix)

Artwork by Justin Totemical

Source: SoundCloud / Desert Dwellers

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